Nikki Haley Rumored To ‘Drop Out’ After She…

by Jessica

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has predicted that the GOP primary race will essentially conclude in South Carolina with a victory for former President Trump. Cruz cited Trump’s recent win in New Hampshire, where he outpaced his main primary challenger, Nikki Haley, by nearly 11 points, as evidence that Trump is on track to become the eventual GOP presidential nominee.

During an interview on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Cruz asserted that New Hampshire marked Nikki Haley’s last stand, emphasizing her loss despite significant support from moderates and “never Trumpers.” Cruz confidently declared Trump the nominee based on his decisive victory in New Hampshire.

Cruz acknowledged that Haley might stay in the race due to financial backing, but he predicted that the GOP primary would effectively conclude in South Carolina, with Trump winning by a significant margin, possibly by double digits.

“My prediction right now is Nikki will drop out 18 hours after South Carolina. After that, you cannot go on,” Cruz added.

According to polling data, Trump currently holds a more than 33-point lead over Haley in South Carolina. Cruz, who endorsed Trump’s White House bid earlier in the month, highlighted that Trump has garnered support from key South Carolina figures, including Governor Henry McMaster and Senator Tim Scott.

The dynamics of the GOP primary race, as described by Cruz, underscore the influence of Trump within the Republican Party and the challenges faced by those attempting to challenge his dominance. The endorsement from prominent Republican figures in South Carolina further solidifies Trump’s position as a formidable force in the upcoming primary.

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