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Horror moment mum throws newborn baby from fourth floor balcony to save him from fire

by Jessica

A heart-stopping incident involving a four-year-old boy has been captured on footage as he narrowly escaped a potentially fatal fall from a sixth-floor flat balcony. The young boy, whose identity remains undisclosed, was under the care of his grandmother while his parents were at work. During his nap, his grandmother briefly stepped out to run errands, unaware of the impending danger.

Upon waking up and realizing his grandmother was not around, the curious child ventured out to the balcony in search of her. Tragically, he slipped through an open window and dangled precariously from the balcony, held only by the protective bars. Fortunately, a passer-by noticed the child’s distress and immediately sought help.

The fire brigade rushed to the scene after receiving the distress call, and a dramatic rescue operation ensued. The heart-wrenching video footage released by CEN shows the firemen working tirelessly to free the boy from the dangerous situation. Despite the terrifying ordeal, the young boy remained remarkably composed throughout the rescue.

The fire crew had to carefully cut through the protective bars to reach the child. After an anxious half-hour, they successfully freed him and safely reunited him with his worried grandmother. The exact location and date of the incident have not been disclosed.

In another unrelated incident, a teenager in Shiraz, Iran, displayed immense courage by swiftly intervening and saving a child who had fallen from an escalator at a higher level.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of child safety measures and the need for constant supervision to prevent such harrowing accidents from occurring in the future. Watch the video here

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