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Former federal prosecutor raises fresh worry about Trump: “bewildered in a novel manner”

by Jessica

As litigation unfolds in 21 states grappling with the question of whether Donald Trump should be on the 2024 ballots based on the interpretation of the 14th Amendment, a former federal prosecutor is raising additional concerns about the former president’s mental competence.

In a Washington Post Monthly column, James Zirin, a former federal prosecutor in New York’s Southern District, highlighted Trump’s increasing issues with factual accuracy, confusion during speeches, and noticeable slurring when speaking. Zirin did not mince words, bluntly asking, “Has Donald Trump gone nuts?”

Acknowledging the sensitivity of such a question, especially considering Trump’s history of aggressive and paranoid behavior, Zirin pointed out that scrutiny often falls on President Joe Biden’s speech patterns. However, he argued that attention should also be directed towards Trump, whose recent behavior has transitioned from concerning to bizarre.

While clarifying that he is not a medical professional, Zirin questioned if Trump might be displaying signs of dementia. He noted Trump’s recent speech in which he mistakenly referred to Kim Jong-Un as the leader of a country with 1.4 billion people, confusing North Korea’s population of 26 million with China’s 1.4 billion.

Zirin highlighted Trump’s difficulty with names, citing instances where words like “on purpose” became “on perfect,” and “adherents of Karl Marx” were referred to as “markers” instead of Marxists. He also pointed out the cadence and slurring of speech, raising concerns about Trump’s current mental state.

The attorney emphasized that “deranged people can be dangerous,” cautioning that Trump’s policy statements have become increasingly incendiary and irrational, posing potential risks. The column adds a new dimension to the ongoing debates about Trump’s political eligibility by suggesting a closer examination of his mental fitness for office.

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