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Nancy Pelosi Shoots Herself in the Foot While Attacking Trump; Americans Gang Up Against Her

by Jessica
Nancy Pelosi

An embarrassing gaffe by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sparked outrage online after she confused Donald Trump with President Joe Biden while criticizing the former’s “cognitive disorders.”

The blunder occurred during an MSNBC interview on Tuesday evening, January 23, when she was asked to respond to recent remarks by Trump, who had erroneously attacked former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley over the January 6th Capitol riot, rather than Pelosi herself.

“I’m not gonna spend too much time on Donald Trump’s cognitive disorders,” Pelosi stated, before adding “As Joe Biden said…” and then trailing off as she apparently realized her mistake.

Pelosi tried to recover by claiming she intended to quote Biden’s previous criticisms of Trump, but the damage was already done.

Video of the gaffe quickly went viral online, with critics using it to accuse Pelosi of hypocrisy and age-related mental decline.

Americans took to social media to share mixed reactions, with most of them slamming Pelosi for making the same mistake she was attacking Trump for.

“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” tweeted user @daley58691. “What’s up with the waiving hands as she searches for words? So annoying.”

Others saw it as Karma after Pelosi had just questioned Trump’s mental faculties. “Wow— shout to everyone who struggles with mental health,” posted @teachdresscode in response.

Some called for Pelosi’s prosecution over the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. “No Nancy. It was YOU that set up Jan 6!” accused @sunshinecity77. “You are a liar and you need to be investigated thoroughly and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!!”

Still, others joked about Pelosi’s apparent senior moment. “That would initiate any first-stage dementia diagnosis,” tweeted @ygbsmditty. “But clearly Foster Brooks couldn’t do this better.”

The incident comes as Pelosi faces criticism for remaining in leadership at age 82 when many feel the Democratic Party needs younger blood.

It also follows a series of high-profile gaffes by President Biden that have raised doubts about his own cognitive health at age 80.

With two octogenarians seemingly struggling to keep their facts straight, some Americans are understandably concerned about the mental acuity of those leading the country in Washington.

Yet Pelosi continues to insist she is fit for office and shows no indication of stepping aside anytime soon. That leaves her vulnerable to further embarrassment, as this week’s viral clip demonstrates.

For a politician who rarely misses a chance to portray Trump as mentally deficient, accusing him of “cognitive disorders,” Pelosi’s blunder is seen by many as poetic justice.

The only question now is whether she and Biden will accept that it may be time for new leadership in D.C., or continue to stubbornly hold on to power.

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