Mystical Forecast Fox News Features Psychic Prediction for Trump in 2024

by Jessica

During Tuesday night’s broadcast on Fox News, a surprising segment unfolded as host Jesse Watters invited English psychic Paula Roberts to share her insights on former President Trump’s future in 2024. As Trump maintains a significant lead in the GOP presidential primary, Watters sought a unique perspective on what lies ahead.

The psychic, Paula Roberts, drew a card featuring a caricature of the grim reaper from a deck in front of her, eliciting an exclamation of “Oh” from her. She proceeded to convey her interpretation, stating, “I do realize that I am on Fox TV… a sense of loss. A sense of loss, but it’s very specific.”

According to Roberts, it seems as though Trump might be contemplating what he has lost and may not be fully capitalizing on his current opportunities. Watters responded to her revelation with laughter, acknowledging it as a “great interpretation,” and then playfully asked Roberts to pull a card for President Biden.

In response, Roberts pulled a card and declared, “Lots and lots and lots of money.” Watters, in a jesting manner, questioned, “From China?” to which Roberts retorted, “Oh, you are cheeky.”

Jesse Watters, who assumed the prime-time slot last year, following Tucker Carlson, is known for his attention-grabbing segments and political commentary. The backdrop of this psychic reading adds a whimsical touch to the typically serious political discussions on the network.

This peculiar segment took place against the backdrop of Trump’s ongoing criticism of Fox News and its coverage, with Watters and other hosts at the network consistently expressing support for Trump and offering critiques of President Biden. The unexpected detour into psychic predictions added a novel and lighthearted element to the evening’s political programming on Fox News.

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