Virginia Mother Who Sedated and Shot Daughters, Ages 15 and 5, Faces 78-Year Prison Sentence

by Jessica

In August 2018, a tragic event unfolded in McLean, Northern Virginia, as a mother, Veronica Youngblood, took the lives of her two daughters, Sharon Castro, 15, and Brooklynn Youngblood, 5, in their apartment. She was recently sentenced to 78 years in prison for this horrifying crime.

Veronica Youngblood sedated her daughters with melatonin-laced gummy bears before shooting them. Sharon managed to call 911 before succumbing to her injuries, alerting authorities to the heartbreaking incident.

During the trial, jurors heard a distressing recording of Sharon’s 911 call, which left them traumatized. They even inquired about receiving trauma therapy due to the emotional toll of the trial.

Youngblood explained to detectives that her actions were driven by a custody dispute with her ex-husband, Ron Youngblood. He had planned to move to Missouri with both daughters, but he had to change his plans and take only Brooklyn after Veronica objected.

The prosecution argued that Youngblood had planned the murders, buying the gun she used a week before the tragic event. She presented an insanity defense during the trial, but it was rejected.

During the sentencing, Youngblood, who grew up in poverty in Argentina and faced physical and sexual abuse as a child, spoke about her struggles as a mother and expressed deep remorse. She stated, “I’ve been a good mother, but something happened, I don’t know how to explain it. Something exploded in my mind.”

The defense had requested concurrent sentences for the two murder counts, which would have resulted in a 42-year prison term, but the judge upheld the jury’s recommendation of 78 years. The judge emphasized the gravity of Youngblood’s actions, calling her the “instrument of their death.”

Prosecutor Kelsey Gill described the killings as premeditated and highlighted the premeditation involved in purchasing the firearm.

Youngblood’s ex-husband, Ron Youngblood, expressed his pain and disbelief at the sentencing, saying he never imagined Veronica could harm their daughters. He chose not to look at her during the hearing.

The Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Steve Descano, stated that while no outcome can bring back the lives of the children, the sentencing represents a measure of justice for their family.

Veronica Youngblood is expected to appeal her sentence, according to her defense attorney.

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