Mother Sees Something Weird In Girl’s Hair, Looks At Her Boyfriend In Horror

by Jessica

The child was rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Frankfort, Indiana, before being transferred to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. Medical professionals described the injuries as the result of violent hair pulling, causing severe bruising, internal bleeding, and extensive swelling.

Maxwell’s anguished discovery prompted swift action from authorities. Child Protective Services alerted the Howard County Sheriff’s Department, launching an investigation into the heinous assault on the innocent child.

Milburn, the alleged perpetrator, was present at the hospital when authorities arrived. Maxwell recounted the events of the night, revealing Milburn’s explanation – a feeble attempt to pass off the child’s injuries as an accidental fall from a chair at his parents’ home.

However, further investigation revealed a chilling truth. Police determined that the child had been subjected to a brutal assault, including multiple blows to the head and hair-pulling of extreme violence. Milburn’s abusive actions were exposed, leading to his arrest and subsequent charges of battery resulting in serious bodily injury to a child under 14 years old.

As Milburn faces the consequences of his despicable actions, the community reels from the shock of such cruelty inflicted upon an innocent child. The scars – physical, emotional, and psychological – will serve as a haunting reminder of the darkness that lurks in the midst of ordinary lives, forever altering the course of one family’s existence.

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