Mom, who claims didn’t know she was pregnant, went to a hotel room and gave birth to a baby girl

by Jessica

Based on court records, a young mother identified as Arya has been handed a 14-year prison sentence, along with 10 years of probation.

The charges stem from a tragic incident where Arya, aged 29, took the life of her newborn, who remained unnamed, and disposed of the infant’s body in the ocean.

Initially facing a first-degree premeditated murder charge for her actions, Arya pleaded not guilty but eventually reached an agreement with the state’s attorney’s office. In this arrangement, she admitted guilt to lesser charges of aggravated manslaughter of a child and abuse of a deceased human body.

Judge Howard took into account 231 days of time Arya had already spent in custody. According to court documents, Arya reportedly went to a hotel room where she unexpectedly gave birth to her baby.

Shockingly, she failed to call 911 or seek medical assistance for her child, despite never reaching out for help for her newborn, as reported by L&C.

The tragic incident came to light on June 1, 2018, when authorities received a 911 call regarding a female infant discovered floating in the water near the shore. Responders retrieved the body and determined that the newborn had perished shortly after birth, likely within a few days.

The cause of death was ruled as asphyxia, and it was classified as a homicide. In June 2022, the PBSO Crime Lab contacted authorities about a potential father of the newborn, whose identity remained undisclosed.

This individual informed investigators that he and Arya had been high school acquaintances who had dated until around September or October 2017, after which he had moved away, losing contact with her.

They reconnected in the summer of 2018 when Arya disclosed that she had been carrying his child from the previous year but had assured him that she had “taken care of it.”

Subsequently, investigators collected a discarded coffee cup from Arya, and DNA testing confirmed her as the mother of the deceased baby.

During an interview with investigators, Arya admitted to delivering a baby girl on May 30 but claimed she was unaware of her pregnancy until the moment of birth.

She recounted giving birth in a hotel room bathroom and not realizing her condition until the baby emerged. She further stated that the infant ended up in the water, and she lost consciousness, failing to check on or retrieve the baby. Detective Brittany shared these details during a press conference.

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