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Mom gave birth to a baby daughter, who died shortly after she was born after she refused to call 911 because she had been doing drugs prior to giving birth!

by Jessica

Police authorities have reported that a mother, identified as 32-year-old Jessica, was taken into custody and subsequently charged with multiple offenses, including injury to a child, failure to report a death, and concealing or destroying evidence.

This follows the discovery of her newborn baby’s remains inside a suitcase, which had been concealed within a doghouse, as stated in the official statement.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the newborn had tragically passed away shortly after birth. Instead of calling 911, the mother refrained from seeking medical assistance due to an outstanding arrest warrant and prior drug use during her pregnancy, as reported by L&C.

Witnesses provided further insight into the situation. One witness disclosed that Jessica had refused to go to the hospital during the birth because of her drug use throughout the pregnancy.

During the birth, one of Jessica’s female friends was also present, as stated by a witness. Another witness reported having seen the child’s remains.

The second witness stated that several months after the birth while cleaning up Jessica’s yard, they came across a suitcase near the doghouse. Upon opening the case, they discovered the body of a newborn wrapped in plastic.

This prompted investigators to execute a search warrant, leading to the discovery of the carry-on suitcase in the doghouse. Responding officers confirmed the presence of the baby’s remains and subsequently transported them to the local morgue for an autopsy.

Jessica’s friend, who had been present during the birth, informed investigators that Jessica had declined medical assistance during the delivery.

After the newborn was born, the baby’s father attempted to resuscitate the child for approximately an hour, but unfortunately, the child did not survive.

Toxicology tests conducted by the medical examiner indicated the presence of methamphetamine and amphetamine in the baby’s system.

Investigators disclosed that Jessica’s fear of being incarcerated had deterred her from seeking medical attention during her pregnancy.

The father of the newborn baby, identified as 30-year-old Robert, was also charged with failure to notify or delay the notification of a death.

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