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Mom booted from water park ‘because all the men can’t stop staring’!

by Jessica

A mother has expressed her outrage after being asked to leave a water park due to her choice of swimwear. 43-year-old Madelyn, who was enjoying a day at the AO Water Park with her children, says she was targeted and discriminated against because of her fuller figure. This family day out turned into a harrowing experience due to the actions of the park’s staff, who she claims singled her out unfairly.

Madelyn alleges that the water park’s staff found her string bikini inappropriate and asked her to either cover up or leave, according to a report in the Daily Mail. She said she was enjoying her time in the pool with her niece and nephew when staff approached her, insisting that her swimwear was too revealing and instructing her to wear shorts. Upon requesting to talk to a manager, she was further told that her bikini top was also too small.

The demand left Madelyn feeling upset and discriminated against. She voiced her feelings, saying, “I am a 43-year-old woman who did not have the confidence — or the body — to put on a bikini until [I] was 40 years old.” She argued that she was targeted because of her age and body type, despite seeing younger girls wearing similar outfits without receiving any complaints.

Refusing to comply with the park’s demands without protest, Madelyn asked for the police to be called so she could lodge a formal complaint. Upon their arrival, she was escorted from the premises. However, she claims the police officers expressed sympathy toward her situation, as she shared in a Facebook post.

According to her, the officers were understanding and thought the situation was “ridiculous.” Madelyn insists that her swimwear was a standard two-piece bikini, identical to those worn by other confident women at the park. The water park officials declined to comment on the incident, with city officials stating that judgment calls like this are at the discretion of the facility.

While Madelyn maintains that she was unfairly discriminated against, city officials claim they did not discriminate and the park manager has the right to decide what attire is appropriate. Madelyn, however, sees herself as a role model who overcame obesity and adversity, rather than a scantily-clad woman. Despite her understandable frustrations, it should be noted that public facilities like pools have the prerogative to set standards for attire that aligns with a family-friendly environment.

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