Michigan Landlord Faces Life Sentence After This Heartless Action to Two Tenants

by Jessica

According to a report on Monday, October 10, 2023, by Fox News, a Michigan landlord, Chad Allen Reed, 56, has been found guilty of first- and second-degree murder in the October 2020 deaths of his tenants, Joseph Soule, 34, and Jaclyn Lepird, 31.

The verdict came after a grand jury trial on Friday, revealing the landlord’s sinister acts that involved the shooting of Soule and the subsequent chasing, beating, and strangling of Lepird.

The couple was reported missing on October 7, 2020, prompting concerns from friends and family. A week later, their bodies were discovered wrapped in plastic and hidden under debris in the bed of a truck in a vacant lot.

The house where they lived and died later caught fire under mysterious circumstances, and while Reed has not been charged in connection with the fire, it further added to the family’s distress.

Reed confessed to the murders, claiming self-defense after an argument with Soule turned violent. He alleged that Soule pulled a knife on him, leading to the fatal shooting.

Reed admitted to chasing Lepird, beating and strangling her in their backyard. The bodies were then left at the property for several days, with Reed later attempting to move them to evade search crews.

Reed’s public defender, Susan Mladenoff, attempted to bolster a self-defense claim by highlighting the couple’s troubled relationship, citing Lepird’s “bad temper” and Soule’s struggles with substance abuse.

However, the prosecution argued that the violent history did not justify the brutal killings.

Medical examiners testified that both victims had cocaine and alcohol in their bloodstream, but these substances were not the cause of death.

The couple had also tested positive for COVID-19. Drops of blood near the kitchen and pieces of flooring found by a family member raised further suspicions.

Reed’s criminal history includes a prior domestic violence charge and two assault charges from 2004, with a felony assault conviction in 2005.

He had also pleaded no contest to a charge of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child under 13 in 2003.

Reed faces a potential life sentence without parole for the first-degree murder charge, while the second-degree murder charge could entail parole eligibility.

The sentencing is scheduled for November 30 in Calhoun County Circuit Court. Reed’s public defender, Susan Mladenoff, was not immediately available for comment at press time.


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