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Surprising Discussion on CNN About Michelle Obama’s Political Odds

by Jessica

CNN’s Michael Smerconish recently delved into the surprising odds set by Las Vegas oddsmakers, who seemingly favored former First Lady Michelle Obama for a presidential run over certain potential competitors. The discussion, which unfolded with former Obama official David Axelrod, explored the speculation surrounding Michelle Obama’s political ambitions, a topic often raised as a right-wing talking point.

Smerconish took note of the odds, revealing that Michelle Obama was positioned at 11/1, surpassing other notable figures such as Nikki Haley, Gavin Newsom, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Kamala Harris. Drawing on anecdotes from his listeners, Smerconish reflected a prevailing sentiment that advocates for closely monitoring Michelle Obama for a potential entry into the political arena.

Axelrod contributed to the conversation by acknowledging Michelle Obama’s love for the country and her exceptional communication skills. Despite recognizing her brilliance, Axelrod emphasized her historical reluctance towards active involvement in politics. He pointed out her limited participation in Barack Obama’s early campaigns, even during significant events like the Senate campaign in 2004.

Axelrod highlighted Michelle Obama’s aversion to the political landscape, suggesting that both she and Barack may feel they have already devoted sufficient time to public service. He drew parallels to the sentiments expressed by Barbara Bush, emphasizing the importance of fresh leadership beyond established political dynasties.

Injecting a bit of humor into the discussion, Axelrod humorously compared the likelihood of Michelle Obama running for president to himself joining the Bolshoi Ballet, expressing incredulity at the mere idea. Smerconish joined in with a lighthearted remark about Axelrod’s potential employment at the Bolshoi, adding levity to the conversation.

The conversation underscored the prevailing skepticism surrounding Michelle Obama’s potential candidacy, despite her widespread popularity and exceptional communication skills. While speculation continues, Axelrod’s insights suggested that Michelle Obama’s inclination towards a private life may outweigh any budding political ambitions.

The exchange encapsulated the enduring fascination with Michelle Obama’s future in politics, even as she maintains a deliberate distance from the political spotlight. As the discussion concluded, viewers were left contemplating the likelihood of such a significant shift in Michelle Obama’s trajectory. Read the full story here ▶

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