Ted Cruz Wildly Speculates That Michelle Obama Will Replace Biden At the Convention: ‘Odds Are Very Significant’

by Jessica
Michelle Obama

Podcaster and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) speculated that Democrats will throw President Joe Biden off the ticket and replace him with former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Appearing on Monday’s Hannity on Fox News, Cruz plugged his podcast as he often does and offered a prediction about next year’s Democratic National Convention, where Biden is expected to officially clinch the nomination for president again.

Biden has been lagging in the polls of late, with most Democrats saying they do not want the president to run for a second term.

“I think the odds are very significant that next summer at the Democrat national convention that the Democrat party will jettison Joe Biden and will throw him off the ticket, and they will parachute in instead, Michelle Obama to be their candidate,” Cruz told Sean Hannity.

“I think they’re gonna look to Michelle Obama as the savior to come in. And I think if that happens, that would be very, very dangerous. And every time I see a Democrat or one of their puppets in the press beginning to point out the problems with Joe Biden – every time that happens, the chances of that go up and up and up.”

“Do you see Michelle Obama wanting that?” Hannity asked.

“You know, I don’t know Michelle very well,” the senator replied before saying a Democratic primary featuring notable candidates such as Vice President Kamala Harris, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), California Governor Gavin Newsom, and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg would alienate various blocs of Democratic voters.

Choosing Michelle Obama at the convention, Cruz argued, would be a way to replace Biden without repelling the aforementioned politicians’ supporters.

“If the Democrats pick any of those four, you tick off the other three and risk alienating their supporters,” Cruz continued. “I think Michelle Obama brings the Obama pedigree. She parachutes in with the suit of armor of a First Lady with high positives and relatively low negatives.

And I think they can justify to everyone who gets snubbed, ‘Well, look, we went with Michelle Obama instead.’ I don’t know if she wants it. But I do think it would be much more attractive to her to come in next summer and just campaign a couple of months to the general rather than having to spend two years campaigning vigorously on the ground.”

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