Accusing Michelle Obama and Other First Ladies of Being ‘Jealous’ of Melania Trump

by Jessica

As discussions surrounding Rosalynn Carter’s funeral persist on the internet, a TikTok user has levied accusations against Michelle Obama and fellow former first ladies, alleging they are “jealous” of Melania Trump.

During Carter’s burial ceremony, Melania Trump, accompanied by her husband, paid her respects alongside former president Bill Clinton, first ladies Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush, as well as President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill.

On November 28 in Atlanta, a prominent mourner, Melania Trump, stood beside her widower, former President Jimmy Carter, in the front row of the service. Social media observers noted Melania’s distinctive light gray coat amid the predominantly black attire in funeral photographs circulating online.

Entering the conversation, TikTok user @republicanlatina03 posted a video claiming that the other four first ladies harbored envy towards Melania Trump. Displaying a photo of Melania walking ahead of Obama and Bush, @republicanlatina03 asserted, “[They’re] just jealous of Melania Trump, and this just proves that the jealousy continues. That’s why they hate her because they can’t be her. Melania Trump… is beautiful as always, super gorgeous.”

The video then cut to a photo from the service, depicting sunshine illuminating Melania Trump as she sat at the front row’s edge. @republicanlatina03 remarked, “From all the darkness in the room, the only one who had the light was Melania Trump,” emphasizing that “light is the truth and it’s a hope.”

The TikTok clip triggered lively discussions among users, with some endorsing the claims and others highlighting the educational accomplishments of the other first ladies.


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