“Is This What Patriotism Has Come To?” Melania Trump Faces Backlash Over Patriotic Jewelry Promotion

by Jessica

Former First Lady Melania Trump has recently come under fire from detractors after promoting a collection of patriotically-themed necklaces on social media.

According to Newsweek on Friday, May 24, 2024, Melania Trump’s Instagram account featured a repost from USA Memorabilia’s Fortitude Collection, showcasing two new pendant designs. Additionally, she reposted an advertisement for the chains on X, formerly known as Twitter.

This latest venture follows her previous collaboration with the website, where she sold Christmas ornaments last year. The Fortitude Collection offers two distinctive designs: Bravery and Liberty. The Bravery pendant, available in stainless steel or gold plating, features an engraved image of a soldier and the U.S. flag.

Priced at $125 for the steel version and $175 for the gold-plated version, the Bravery design aims to evoke a sense of national pride and honor for the military. The Liberty pendant, also available in stainless steel or gold plating, depicts an eagle in flight before the U.S. flag, with the word “liberty” etched across the bottom.

The Liberty design carries the same price points as the Bravery chains, with the steel version retailing for $125 and the gold-plated version for $175. Despite the patriotic themes of these designs, Trump’s promotion has sparked a wave of criticism online.

Critics argue that her involvement in selling these items is a blatant attempt to capitalize on national symbols for personal gain. Many have taken to social media to express their disdain, with some questioning the motivations behind her continued ventures into merchandise.

“Is this what patriotism has come to? Selling overpriced chains with generic designs?” one user commented on X. Others have accused Trump of exploiting her former role as First Lady to push commercial products. Defenders of Trump, however, argue that the criticism is unwarranted and rooted in political bias. They highlight her right to engage in business ventures and promote items that celebrate American values.

“Why is it a problem for her to sell patriotic jewelry? Plenty of people do it,” a supporter countered. This isn’t the first time Melania Trump has faced backlash for her business activities. Her Christmas ornament collection last year also drew mixed reactions, with some praising the festive spirit while others accused her of profiteering.

As the debate continues, it’s clear that Trump’s foray into the world of patriotic memorabilia has struck a chord. Whether viewed as a genuine celebration of American values or a cynical cash grab, her latest promotional efforts have certainly garnered attention, reflecting the polarized nature of public opinion surrounding the former First Lady.

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