Melania Trump’s Former BFF Think These Signs Point to Marital Troubles

by Jessica

Melania Trump’s infrequent appearances alongside Donald Trump on the campaign trail have sparked widespread curiosity about their personal lives.

Despite her initial reluctance to embrace the public spotlight, Melania has adopted an even more reclusive stance since departing the White House in 2021.

While some observers speculate that her withdrawal may be linked to the recent passing of her mother, Amalija Knavs, in January, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania’s former close friend and senior adviser, suggests that there might be deeper reasons at play.

Wolkoff, in a recent post on X, shared her insights, implying that Donald Trump’s behavior towards Melania reveals significant insights about their relationship.

She highlighted a shift in Trump’s demeanor, citing instances where he previously displayed acts of affection towards Melania, such as holding her hand and walking by her side.

However, recent footage paints a different picture, showing a noticeable gap between them and Trump’s apparent lack of acknowledgment of Melania’s presence, as he strides ahead while she trails behind.

This observation garnered support from many of Wolkoff’s followers, who interpreted Trump’s behavior as dismissive or lacking in chivalry towards Melania. Some even likened his actions to treating her as subordinate.

However, amidst these criticisms, there were voices urging empathy, considering the recent loss of Melania’s mother and the relentless media scrutiny the Trump family has endured.

Indeed, Melania Trump has always defied traditional expectations, both in her role as the first lady and in her marriage to Donald Trump.

Described by experts as “radical” in her approach, Melania’s detachment from conventional norms extends to her preference for privacy and her reluctance to engage in her husband’s political endeavors.

Now residing primarily at Mar-a-Lago, Melania remains ensconced within her inner circle, preferring solitude over public engagements.

With her son Barron nearing graduation from high school, there may be changes on the horizon, but it’s uncertain whether this will alter the dynamics of her relationship with Donald Trump.

Despite their apparent independence from each other, Melania’s enigmatic persona continues to fascinate observers, leaving many questioning the true nature of her relationship with the former president.

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