Melania Trump’s Ex-Aide Claims Donald Trump No Longer Displays ‘Chivalry’ Towards His Wife

by Jessica

In a revealing statement, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former aide to Melania Trump, has shed light on a significant shift in the dynamic between Melania and Donald Trump.

Wolkoff highlighted a noticeable absence of “chivalry” from the former president towards Melania during public appearances, suggesting a potential strain in their relationship.

The scrutiny intensified after Melania’s notable absence from Donald’s Super Tuesday victory speech, sparking further speculation about the state of their marriage amid the heated U.S. presidential election race.

Wolkoff’s insights add to the ongoing speculation surrounding the Trumps’ relationship, especially given Melania’s limited presence on the campaign trail despite Donald’s assurances of her active involvement.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Wolkoff emphasized the importance of perception within the Trump family dynamics, indicating that Donald’s recent lack of chivalrous gestures towards Melania could signify deeper underlying issues.

“Let me bottom line this for you,” Wolkoff’s post read. “Perception is everything to the Trump Family, so Donald’s lack of ‘chivalry’ towards Melania is quite a ‘tell.’”

Highlighting specific behaviors, Wolkoff noted Donald’s failure to exhibit traditional acts of chivalry such as waiting for Melania to go first or ensuring she walks by his side, a departure from his previous conduct.

She suggested that these changes could be indicative of evolving dynamics within their relationship.

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