Melania Trump Took Shot At Donald To His Face

by Jessica

According to OKMagazine, former President Donald Trump shared some lighthearted feedback from his wife, Melania Trump, during a rally in Waterloo, Iowa.

According to Trump, Melania told him that she doesn’t like when he does certain physical activities, such as weightlifting or swimming because they don’t look “presidential.”

During his speech, Trump praised Melania as a “wonderful wife” and said she’s “very popular.” He recounted their conversation, saying, “She says, ‘Darling, I don’t like when you do the weightlifting thing or even the swimming thing because it doesn’t look presidential.’” Trump responded by saying that it’s easier to look presidential than to do the activities he does at rallies.

The crowd at the rally responded with some boos, prompting Trump to try and control the reaction, saying, “OK, let’s.” While Trump’s remarks about his wife’s feedback were delivered in a light-hearted manner, they garnered mixed reactions on social media.

Some users questioned the authenticity of Trump’s anecdotes about Melania, suggesting that they may be fabricated to create the appearance of a happy relationship.

Others expressed their opinions on Melania’s absence from the public eye during Trump’s presidency. This is not the first time Trump has shared anecdotes about Melania’s critiques.

In a previous speech, he mentioned her disapproval of the way he appeared on television, citing lighting issues. Melania’s occasional public criticisms of her husband have been a subject of interest and speculation, and they have sparked discussions on social media.

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