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Melania Trump Melts Down After Woman Assault

by Jessica

A report from DNYUZ has revealed, according to sources close to the family, that Mrs. Trump’s apparent lack of public support shouldn’t be misconstrued as a sign of disapproval or apathy. She continues to stand by her husband, echoing his sentiment that their family has been the target of unwarranted attacks. Highly skeptical of mainstream media, she is a devoted reader of the Daily Mail online, keeping a keen eye on Mr. Trump’s portrayal in the conservative British publication.

Mrs. Trump harbors particular doubts about the case presented by E. Jean Carroll, who successfully secured $5 million in damages in a trial accusing Mr. Trump of sexual abuse in the 1990s and defamation following his departure from the White House, as per two sources privy to her comments. On seeing reports of her husband’s deposition in the case, she was furious with his legal team for not mounting more objections. Additionally, she has privately expressed puzzlement as to why Ms. Carroll couldn’t remember the exact date of the alleged assault.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Trump is of the view that despite the legal threats, Mr. Trump could potentially reclaim the White House next year. Privately, she has shown interest in Casey DeSantis, the wife of Mr. Trump’s main competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Mrs. DeSantis is a trusted advisor to her husband and a regular attendee at his events, and she has started to campaign independently for him. During one of her infrequent interviews, Mrs. Trump speculated to Fox News about a second term as first lady, stating her focus would be on “the well-being and development of children” if she were to resume the role.

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