Melania Trump Looks Miserable In Florida Video

by Jessica

Melania Trump was recently spotted in a voting video with her husband Donald Trump, and she looked absolutely miserable throughout the entire duration of the video.

In the wake of another successful rally in Rome, Georgia, Donald Trump, the former President, jetted off to Miami to attend UFC 299, an electrifying event headlined by the Sean O’Malley-Marklon Vera bout.

Accompanying him for the thrilling spectacle were his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and the esteemed UFC Founder, Dana White.

As the trio made their grand entrance into the venue, the warmth of their smiles was palpable, yet conspicuously absent was Melania Trump, the former First Lady, leaving many attendees to wonder about her whereabouts.

Despite Melania’s notable absence, the reception for Trump and Ivanka was nothing short of resounding, with the raucous cheers of the UFC crowd reverberating through the arena, all set against the backdrop of a pulsating Kid Rock anthem.

This latest instance marked yet another occasion where Melania opted not to join her husband, reminiscent of her absence during Trump’s triumphant victory speech following his clinching of the Republican nomination on Super Tuesday, signaling his candidacy for the forthcoming presidential elections.

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