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Melania Trump Captured Divisive Images With Donald

by Jessica

Yahoo reports that celebrity photographer Manny Hernandez’s upcoming book, “Candids Miami 2,” offers a fresh perspective on Donald Trump’s initial courtship of his now-wife, Melania Trump. Set to launch on November 18, the coffee-table book presents images capturing Melania’s reserved demeanor during the early phases of her relationship with the former president.

A notable photo from the book, taken by Hernandez in 1999 at a party for Ocean Drive magazine in Miami, features Melania, then known as Melania Knauss, seated on a couch in a provocative pose with crossed legs and arms. Wearing a black-lace slip dress and a silver cross necklace, Melania holds a copy of the magazine. At 29 years old, the future first lady exudes a youthful radiance, with straightened auburn locks and dramatic makeup, offering no hint of her future political role.

Hernandez suggests that Melania’s reserved nature during this period might be attributed to her limited English proficiency and age compared to Trump. The photographer, acquainted with Trump’s presence in the Miami scene, observes that Trump, a New York mogul at the time, was known for actively participating in photo shoots, raising questions about whether he sought fame or fame sought him.

“She wasn’t married to Donald Trump at the time, they were dating. Melania was fairly reserved, maybe because she didn’t speak much English and was much younger than Trump,” Hernandez told the Daily Mail. “But she loved her cover, that’s for sure. At the time he was the big mogul from New York. He would work the room and make his way into all the pictures. I don’t know if he chased fame or if fame chased him.”

The book also includes a snapshot of Donald Trump, showcasing his famous scowl outside Liquid nightclub in 1998. In this early stage of their relationship, the image suggests that Trump was a dominant figure. With their lives now seemingly more separate, Melania appears to have found her voice, evolving from the meek young model captured in the Miami photograph to the independent woman she is today. The book offers a visual journey into the dynamics of the Trumps’ early relationship, highlighting Melania’s transformation over the years.

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