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Melania Trump Reveals If She’s Done With Donald

by Jessica
Melania Trump

Melania Trump seemingly thinks Donald Trump could be more professional! While speaking at a Trump rally in Waterloo, Iowa, on Saturday, October 7, the 2024 Republican frontrunner shared some constructive criticism his wife of 20 years gave him regarding his public appearances.

“You know my wife. I have a wonderful wife, the great first lady, who’s very popular,” he began, gushing over the former model.

“She says, ‘Darling, I don’t like when you do the weightlifting thing or even the swimming thing because it doesn’t look presidential,’” Donald recalled, adding, “I said let me tell you it’s much easier to look presidential than it is to do the schtick that I have to do at these places. And she doesn’t like when I dance a little bit going off.”

The crowd then started booing, which the former president tried to control, saying, “OK, let’s.” In response to Donald’s comments, the public slammed the politician and his spouse.

“I feel like he is making up these Melania stories to make it seem like they are happy and actually interact with each other…” one person wrote, noting, “I don’t understand why his supporters don’t care why she is never around.”

A second person penned, “The least popular first lady he means,” while a third said, “She must have said that a few years ago when he saw her last.”

A fourth user suggested, “She’s embarrassed by him.”

As OK! previously reported, this is not the first time Melania has dissed her husband. During a speech on October 1, Donald mentioned how she has not been a fan of the way he’s been looking on TV.

“The lights get much more powerful, but you look like c— on television. I was going to tell my people. I am telling my people now. These lights are so powerful they probably cost a lot of money. We’re doing so well, but these lights are no good. Number one, you can hardly see the audience. Number two, when you go home to watch it with our great first lady, she said, ‘You didn’t look good. Too much light!’ These lights are terrible,” the 77-year-old said.

After the speech, social media users shared their opinions on the ex-commander-in-chief’s remarks.

“OMG. Has he addressed ANY actual issues?” one person wondered, while a second added, “Maybe when Melania told the old duffer that ‘he looks terrible lately’… maybe she was trying to tell him something a little more nuanced than the RBG code and lighting needing adjustment on broadcast TV.”

A third person joked, “But Melania still prefers to look at Donald Trump on TV!”

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