Melania Trump ‘Quietly’ Renegotiated Marital Prenup Ahead Of Trials, Second Presidential Term

by Jessica

Former first lady Melania Trump has publicly expressed support for her husband, Donald Trump’s, potential third White House bid in what would be his second term if he wins next year. However, she has also been working quietly behind the scenes to secure her and their son Barron Trump’s future, according to sources who spoke with Page Six.

Sources have revealed that Melania renegotiated her prenuptial agreement with Donald Trump in anticipation of his potential second term in the White House. This is reportedly the third time Melania has adjusted the terms of their marital agreement, though it’s not because she plans to leave him.

Her primary concern is to maintain and increase a substantial trust for their son, Barron, who is 17 years old. The renegotiated prenuptial agreement covers financial matters and property arrangements. It is designed to provide Melania with more financial security and includes a specific minimum amount that Barron is supposed to receive.

This renegotiation was prompted not only by the possibility of another presidential term for Trump but also due to his mounting legal challenges. Trump is facing legal battles, including a potential payout in a $250 million civil case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James against him and the Trump Organization, as well as a $5 million defamation judgment to author E. Jean Carroll, which he is appealing.

While Trump remains wealthy, the renegotiated prenup aims to ensure a more stable future for Melania and Barron in case the couple separates. It’s important to note that Melania has been a source of support for Trump during these legal challenges, providing him with calm and focus, as described by friends.

She is described as a “secret weapon” who helps him through difficult times. Melania and Barron often share meals together, and Melania encourages a peaceful atmosphere by turning off the news and discouraging phone or social media use at the table.

Melania Trump fully supports her husband’s bid for a third White House term and is known for her unwavering trustworthiness when they discuss important matters privately. Trump has praised Melania for her strength and popularity as the former first lady during a recent interview.

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