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Melania Trump Melts Down Over Toilet At…

by Jessica
Melania Trump

According to Grisham, Melania was quite displeased with her husband after the Stormy Daniels news broke. She deliberately skipped the State of the Union address and showed up separately for a trip.

Although she was less angry about the attempt to buy silence from Daniels, she was more embarrassed that the cheating allegations had become public.

Usually, however, Melania’s absence was due to more mundane reasons: She didn’t really like doing certain things, and she didn’t feel like her husband needed her to.

She appeared to find it cringe the way Jill Biden always seemed to be hanging around Joe, once telling Grisham that she didn’t need to “hold her husband up” the same way.

“We discussed how her intentional lack of communication with the media would keep everyone guessing and ultimately maintain the narrative of being mysterious and an enigma,” she said.

The armor remains in use, where effective. In a recent interview with Megyn Kelly, Trump stuck to the script when asked about Melania’s whereabouts, saying: “I think part of the beauty is that mystery.”

Here are some unapproved words that could also be used to describe Melania Trump: Demanding. Stubborn. Particular. She could be exasperating to those who worked with her.

Winston Wolkoff, who eventually left the Trump orbit and wrote a tell-all memoir, remembers being shocked when it took months for the first lady to move into the White House.

There was a variety of reasons, she said, including that Melania refused to live there until they installed a new toilet.

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