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First Lady of France Drops Marriage Bombshell on Melania Trump

by Jessica
Melania Trump

Former President Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump is a ‘strong personality’ who controls Donald Trump, as per the First Lady of France via Daily Mail.

Brigitte Macron, in a rare interview with Paris Match, described Melania Trump as ‘very sweet.’

‘But she keeps a firm hand on her husband,’ Macron noted. ‘When she taps her watch at dinner, her husband understands that it is time to get up and leave. He obeys. She has a strong personality.’

It has been noted that Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron spent time with the Trumps in 2018 when the American couple visited France.

The Trumps had also hosted the Macrons for a state visit that same year. In the White House, Donald and Melania were known to have separate bedrooms and their own schedules.

However, at social events, the then-president would often look to his wife for clues about behavior – such as when to speak to someone and when to depart. The then-first lady would also help out with White House operations.

It has been also noted that she played a central role during the October 2019 raid to kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, joining in on the action in the White House Situation Room and suggesting Donald Trump highlight Conan, the hero military dog, who played a role in the action. Her power was more behind the scenes as she rarely spoke in public or gave media interviews.

Brigitte Macron got to see some of the behind-the-scenes action when the Trumps and Macrons exchanged visits in 2018. The Macrons went to Washington DC in April for an official visit.

Donald Trump and Melania went to France in November to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. Brigitte and Melania appeared to have a good relationship on the occasions they saw one another.

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