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Melania Trump’s Newly-Found Freedom Is Major Headache For Some Americans

by Jessica

Melania Trump has a new-found freedom, and it is scaring one of her former best friends and staff members.

The former first lady has once again received a major blow because of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff‘s speechless revelations and warning to the American people.

During an appearance on the MeidasTouch podcast, the Melania and Me author claimed that Melania Trump “never wanted to be there [in the White House] in the first place.”

In the same breath, the entertainment executive and former senior advisor revealed that Melania Trump will also have “a lot more freedom” in 2024, and if her husband, Donald Trump, is reelected as president, she will use her time and power for evil.

She also bashed the mother of one for allegedly abusing the media’s attention for her benefit of trying to “stay relevant.”

During the conversation, Wolkoff took the opportunity to remind listeners of former President Donald Trump’s ugly record on women’s rights and sexual assault allegations.

Donald Trump is currently in court, shelling out millions due to a lawsuit filed by author E. Jean Carroll, who claimed he sexually assaulted her in late 1995 or early 1996.

According to Wolkoff, the former first lady is “Trump’s partner in crime.” She also heavily implied that Melania Trump loves drama and creates it for and around herself.

Winston Wolkoff confirmed that Melania will have “a lot more freedom” now that her son, Barron Trump, is turning 18 in March and is heading to college.

So what will Mrs. Trump do with her new-found freedom? Nothing good, according to Wolkoff, who confessed: “Giving her that platform [as first lady], do positively, absolutely nothing, except create more controversy.”

She went as far as warning voters by saying that Melania Trump becoming the first lady once more would be “the most tragic thing for our country.”

The author also claimed that Melania Trump has a manipulative way with words: “It’s very easy to use words, and that’s who Melania is. She can talk about independence; she can talk about grace, but they’re empty words; they mean nothing.”

When not bashing Melania Trump in, interviews, the former senior advisor is also taking jabs at her former best friend via her social media platform.

Winston Wolkoff also asserted on Twitter—now X: “If Melania Trump ever took her former role seriously, she would’ve released a FACTUAL statement explaining to the American people why she wasn’t present. But instead, Melania knows the media will inquire further which keeps her relevant, and she gets a kick out of the speculation.”

However, it was not always like this; there was a time when Wolkoff used to say that Melania was like “the sister I never had before.”

It leaves many to speculate and wonder what might have led to such a big fallout between the two former best friends.

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