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“Imagine getting friendzoned by your wife” Trump Faces Mockery as Social Media Speculation Surfaces Over Melania’s Decision to Take Separate Car at Funeral

by Jessica

After his mother-in-law’s funeral, there was a notable incident involving former President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania. The couple was observed departing in separate cars, leading to widespread speculation and discussion on social media regarding the reasons behind this decision.

Liberal activist Ron Filipowski shared a brief video on Twitter capturing the Trumps walking towards a black SUV. A Secret Service agent held the passenger-side rear door open for Melania, who entered and seemed to exchange words with her husband. Trump responded with a brief and inaudible comment before turning around and entering the car behind Melania.

Filipowski’s tweet with the video sparked conversation on X, where he emphasized the situation with the caption “Separate cars.” In a follow-up post, he shared another photo suggesting that Melania displayed a cold expression towards Trump before entering her car.

Social media reactions were varied, with influencer Travis Allen humorously commenting, “Imagine getting friend-zoned by your wife.” X user Lyle Scout pointed out that Melania appeared to decide to ride alone spontaneously, with the former president waiting by the vehicle as if expecting to sit next to her.

Liberal personality Carla Nicol speculated on Melania’s demeanor, linking it to the ongoing E. Jean Carroll defamation trial. She tweeted, “No hug or kiss goodbye. Could be Melania was unhappy he was rage-tweeting about a woman he sexually abused during the whole service?”

Journalist Roland S. Martin expressed a strong opinion on Melania’s actions, suggesting that she “detests him so much she won’t even ride with his a–.” Cranford, New Jersey deputy mayor Terrance Curran made a pointed observation, stating that Melania’s reluctance to share a car with Trump revealed a deeper truth.

“Those closest to him know the truth,” Curran wrote. “He’s not a good person and certainly doesn’t care about anyone else but himself.” The incident at the funeral generated extensive online speculation and commentary about the dynamics within the Trump marriage.

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