Meghan Markle’s Made This Controversial Decision That Can Affect Prince Harry’s UK Return in May

by Jessica

At the beginning of May, Prince Harry is expected to return to the royal fold to take part in the Invictus Games’ tenth-anniversary celebration. On May 8, he is scheduled to attend a special service at St. Paul’s Cathedral; however, Meghan Markle’s presence is not yet confirmed.

As per Marca, the Duchess is expected to come up with a perfect excuse to ‘avoid setting foot’ in Britain again as per Charles Rae, former royal correspondent. “I believe Meghan will never set foot in the UK again,” Rae stated. “I don’t think she has any desire to have any connection with this country whatsoever.”

Rae continued, “I don’t think she fully grasped the hierarchy within the royal family. You have the monarch, the Prince of Wales, and then everyone else below.

She wanted to be the star, and when that didn’t happen, she simply packed up and left for America.” Expert Richard Fitzwilliams told The UK Sun that Markle would use ‘security issues’ as an excuse to pull the plug on her UK visit:

“The security would be decided on a case-by-case basis, they would make sure the trip was secure from the point of view of the UK. I think security could be used as an excuse not to come through.”

He went on to claim that Meghan had “every right to come,” but added that she now has the ideal justification to remain in the United States and avoid any embarrassing encounters with the Royal Family.

Fitzwilliams continued, that the Duchess of Sussex had “the perfect excuse not to come over because Harry has lost his security case”.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn stated that Prince Harry is anticipating reconciliation and preparing for his return, “Harry and Meghan are grappling with decisions about what to do when Harry visits the UK later this year.

He will need to address the significant challenges facing his family, but he also wants to avoid doing or saying anything that could be interpreted as less than wholehearted support for his wife, who feels perpetually aggrieved,” Quinn said.

Following his father’s cancer diagnosis, the Duke met with King Charles during his most recent trip to the United Kingdom. But Markle and her two kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, stayed in Montecito, California. It is speculated that she will decide not to go to the UK again the following month.

As per The UK Sun, Markle will most likely have the ‘final say’ when it comes to her return to the royal fold. “Meghan has the say.” He then explained that Harry wants to “convey he is a very devoted family man and will put them above everything else”.

The royal expert added: “If Meghan didn’t want to come she could never be forced to.  It would be extremely unlikely Harry would come over with the kids without Meghan.”

Since the Sussexes withdrew from their royal responsibilities in 2020, the Duchess has visited the UK, although only very infrequently, in 2022 for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. She did not, however, return for Prince Harry’s lone attendance at King Charles III’s coronation last year.

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