Meghan Markle Just Recreated One of Princess Diana’s Go-To Outfits

by Jessica

 In new photos published by People, Markle was seen in Los Angeles wearing an all-white outfit underneath a tailored olive-green blazer.

The combination happens to be one that Princess Diana wore often and Meghan’s take on the ‘fit matched her late mother-in-law’s almost exactly, right down to the two-tone shoes from Saint Laurent.

Ghana-Jamaica Chamber of Commerce President Derrick Cobbinah shared a photo of Meghan wearing the outfit in Nigeria, which means the outfit got more than one outing and gives us even more reason to love Meghan Markle.

People add that Markle’s outfit includes a linen blazer by Loro Piana over a pair of white jeans and a white sweater. Diana wore a similar outfit in 1994, when she was seen in London, and even wore the same green-and-white combination as early as 1989.

Diana often wore all-white outfits in her downtime and fans of the people’s princess will recall some of her most notable outings including the combination of a white base and a tailored topper.

It would be one of her signature style moves when she wasn’t in formal gowns or buttoned-ups suiting for royal appointments.  During her time in Nigeria, Meghan wore long, maxi-length gowns from Heidi Merrick, Carolina Herrera, and Oríré.

While she was in Africa, Meghan brought a piece of Diana with her, wearing a diamond cross necklace that once belonged to the late Princess of Wales. Prince Harry gifted Meghan the piece recently. King Charles and Princess Diana also visited Nigeria for an official tour in March 1990.

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