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McCarthy Brings ‘Sound of Freedom’ Directly to Congress – Even Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard Showed Up

by Jessica
Kevin McCarthy

The surprise movie hit of the summer has become so powerful that it made it to Congress. On Tuesday, “Sound of Freedom” was shown in a House caucus room. The movie, a faith-based action film, tells the story of federal agent Tim Ballard, who quit his job to fight child traffickers. The movie has grossed more than $124 million this summer, according to Forbes.

A report in Newsweek noted that the film “reveals [the] rising power of Jesus in Hollywood.” “Tonight, I’m going to have another movie night. We’re going to show the ‘Sound of Freedom,’” McCarthy said, according to Fox News. Ballard and actor Jim Caviezel, who portrayed Ballard in the film, were on hand.

“Hopefully Republicans and Democrats can come together, see a movie about human trafficking, and actually find ways to stop the human trafficking that’s continuing to move throughout the world,” McCarthy said.

Caveziel has said he wants movie-goers to leave the film with “a new heart,” according to the Catholic News Agency.

“A heart that’s not afraid,” he said.

“I was praying the other day, and I said, ‘Can we love God’s children more than we fear evil? Can we love Jesus more than we fear the cross?’ And this is the problem right now with modern-day Christians is that we want the easy route. And right now you see the world changing. You’re going to have to make a decision at some point,” he continued.

“There’s good, there’s evil. But a big part of that evil is those that are sitting on the fence. And we have to make a choice. And some are more leaning towards Jesus, more towards good. Some are more leaning towards the evil, but they’re on that fence, and that fence belongs to the evil one. And so we have to make that decision.”

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia noted she was all in on viewing the film.

“America is number one in the world in consuming child pornography and child sex trafficking, and the Biden Administration has lost over 85,000 migrant children. These are the most appalling statistics. Tonight, I’m looking forward to watching Sound of Freedom and stopping evil,” she posted on Twitter.


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