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Mary Trump Reveals the ‘Most Malevolent Individual on Earth’ and His Sinister Agenda for 2024

by Jessica

According to a report by Benzinga on Thursday, November 16, 2023, Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, has warned of the dangers of a potential second term for her uncle, whom she described as the “worst person on the planet”.

She also contrasted the case of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, who is facing a federal investigation, with that of Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and former adviser of Donald Trump, who allegedly received billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia.

Mary Trump, who is a psychologist and the author of the best-selling book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man”, spoke to the “Karen Hunter Show” this week.

She said that the future looks bleak in light of the developments in the political arena and the trauma that some Americans have been experiencing since the 2016 election and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are really in a very bad place,” she said. “It has been an incredibly destabilizing to a moralizing period of time in which we learned…..10s of millions of our fellow citizens did not care whether we lived or died.”

She added that Americans were in the “service of a man who I personally know is the weakest, worst person on the planet, who will do anything to protect himself”.

“If he thinks he’s going down, he will take everybody with him,” she said, adding that “things can continue to get worse”.

She also slammed the tendency to normalize everything, including the aftermath of the 2020 election, which Donald Trump has refused to concede and has repeatedly claimed was rigged and fraudulent, despite the lack of evidence and the rejection of his legal challenges by the courts.

Mary Trump said that her uncle and his allies have been undermining the legitimacy of the Biden administration and the democratic process, and have been spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories to their supporters.

She said that Donald Trump and his followers pose a threat to the security and stability of the country and the world and that he would be even more dangerous if he ran for office again in 2024.

“Donald Trump and the people that he will bring on to his team will be infinitely worse than the people he had on during his first administration,” she said. “He will not just destroy the country but will destroy the Western Democratic alliance.”

She also commented on the case of Hunter Biden, who has been indicted for allegedly purchasing firearms at a time he was using illegal drugs.

She said that Hunter Biden, who has never held an official position, is not comparable to Jared Kushner, who served as a senior adviser to Donald Trump and was involved in various foreign policy and domestic issues.

Mary Trump said that Kushner took $2 billion of Saudi Arabian blood money, referring to a report by The Guardian that revealed that Kushner’s real estate company received a loan of $1.8 billion from a Saudi-backed fund in 2018.

After Kushner had met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and discussed a secret plan to reshape the Middle East.

“Hunter Biden is not a threat to the security of this country; he is not a threat to Middle Eastern peace,” she said.

She added that Hunter Biden’s actions were a result of his addiction, which he has acknowledged and sought treatment for, while Kushner’s actions were motivated by greed and corruption.

“I think that’s a little bit more important than something Hunter Biden did when he was in the throes of his addiction,” she said.


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