Mary Trump Makes Stunning Remarks While Reacting To Donald’s $350M Penalty And Business Ban

by Jessica

On Friday, former President Donald Trump faced a considerable blow as he was slapped with a $350 million penalty in a New York civil fraud case, coupled with a ban on conducting business in the state.

The ruling also prohibits Trump and the Trump Organization from seeking loans from any New York-chartered financial institution for three years, as reported by BENZINGA on Saturday, February 17, 2024.

In response to the verdict, Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, weighed in on the trial’s outcome in a Substack post.

Mary Trump remarked, “Donald’s ability to commit fraud with impunity has come to an end — at least in New York — and believe me, that matters to him.”

As a vocal critic of her uncle, she expressed her belief that the ruling will have significant financial and psychological repercussions for Trump.

She emphasized the impact of the verdict, stating, “Between today’s ruling and E. Jean Carroll’s righteous victory, it’s hard for me to overstate just how ruinous this is likely to be — both financially and psychologically — for Donald.”

Mary Trump highlighted the importance of financial matters to her uncle, asserting, “These are the kinds of judgments that will bring Donald to his knees because money and the illusion of his success are all that matter to him.”

Delving into the root of Donald Trump’s financial challenges, Mary Trump discussed how her uncle and her grandfather perpetuated the myth of Trump being a self-made man, despite receiving over $400 million from his father in the form of gifts, unpaid loans, unearned dividends, and other perks.

She criticized the banks and corporate media for enabling this myth, stating, “This lie, along with the completely unfounded claim that Donald was somehow an entrepreneurial phenom, was nevertheless kept alive by the banks who loaned him money and the corporate media.”

She concluded by observing that now, “it’s all finally unraveling, thread by thread.”

The ruling marks a considerable setback for Donald Trump, further adding to the legal and financial challenges he faces.

Mary Trump’s commentary provides insight into the potential impact of the verdict on Trump’s personal and professional life, shedding light on the broader implications of the case beyond its immediate legal ramifications.

As Trump navigates these challenges, the repercussions of the ruling are likely to reverberate through his business dealings and public image in the coming years.

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