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Mary Trump claims that her swagger has spelled catastrophe for his case’

by Jessica

Mary Trump is cautioning that Donald Trump’s penchant for boasting and flexing his influence may lead him into legal trouble. In a recent episode of her Substack podcast “The Good In Us,” she highlighted how Trump’s bravado, particularly in connection to the federal case in Washington, D.C., could have serious repercussions.

In the federal case, Trump faces accusations of committing four federal felonies related to his efforts to retain the presidency after the 2020 election loss. Mary Trump emphasized that Trump’s unfounded confidence could prove detrimental to his legal defense, as per a report by Raw Story on, November 17.

While discussing a recorded conversation with ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl, where Trump boasted about the size of the crowd at the “Stop The Steal” protest on January 6, 2021, Mary Trump pointed out the potential implications of his statements. Trump claimed that the crowd was inaccurately reported and stated, “It’s the biggest crowd I’ve ever spoken in front of by far. By far.”

Mary Trump noted that Trump’s recorded remarks, where he expressed awareness that the crowd was there to stop the certification, could be evidence of his participation in the events of that day. She emphasized the significance of this evidence in strengthening the conspiracy aspect of the case.

As evidence of Trump discussing the events of January 6 continues to accumulate, Mary Trump suggested that federal prosecutor Jack Smith should leverage this information as a “pathway to a conviction” in the subversion case. Her insights underscore the potential legal consequences of Trump’s boastful and self-aggrandizing tendencies.

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