House Votes in Favor of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Move to Reduce Lloyd Austin’s Salary to $1

by Jessica

The House of Representatives voted on an amendment proposed by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, to reduce Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s salary to $1. This move comes as tensions rise in the House to prevent a government shutdown.

Greene argued on the House floor that Secretary Austin hadn’t fulfilled his job duties and criticized his handling of military recruitment and the Afghanistan withdrawal. She also expressed a loss of confidence in Austin’s leadership and called for his removal in a video on Twitter.

Secretary Austin, who is the first Black Secretary of Defense, currently earns an annual salary of over $221,000. Greene used a rule called the Holman rule, which allows amendments to appropriations legislation to reduce the salary of specific federal employees or cut specific programs. Her amendment is part of the defense spending bill.

However, Greene mentioned that she intends to vote against the bill due to its additional aid to Ukraine, a stance shared by other conservative lawmakers. In response, a Pentagon spokeswoman stated that Secretary Austin is focused on leading the Department of Defense and ensuring support for U.S. military missions worldwide.

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