Marjorie Taylor Greene Sparks Debate at Oversight Hearing with Graphic Hunter Biden Images

by Jessica

During a recent hearing held by the House Oversight Committee, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) caused controversy by presenting explicit images allegedly depicting Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, engaged in compromising situations with multiple women.

These images were brought up by Greene while questioning IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler.

To preface her line of questioning, Greene issued a warning about the disturbing nature of the images and suggested that parental discretion should be exercised.

She proceeded to interrogate Ziegler about whether Hunter Biden had violated the Mann Act of 1910, a federal law prohibiting the transportation of women across state lines for immoral purposes.

As part of her argument, the congresswoman displayed an image of a United Airlines plane ticket receipt, claiming it as evidence that Hunter Biden had arranged for a woman to fly from Los Angeles to Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia in June 2018. According to Greene, this receipt was discovered on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

Additionally, Greene presented a censored image portraying a woman caressing Hunter Biden, asserting that such actions constituted a violation of the Mann Act.

She argued, “So when Hunter Biden paid for this woman to do this with him to travel across state lines from California to Washington DC on June 15 — this is a violation of the Mann Act. This was prostitution.”

The congresswoman further raised allegations that Hunter Biden used funds from his law firm, Owasco P.C., to make payments to prostitutes.

She inquired of Ziegler, “Can you confirm for me that Hunter Biden had written off payments to prostitutes through his law firm?” Ziegler responded by stating that he had limitations on what he could disclose in response to the question.

Continuing her line of questioning, Greene referred to a suspicious activity report generated by a bank, which claimed that a “victim” had been paid through Hunter Biden’s law firm for engaging in prostitution.

Ziegler once again declined to confirm whether payments to prostitutes were written off by Hunter Biden from Owasco’s accounts, citing the parameters of his testimony.

During the hearing, Gary Shapley, another IRS whistleblower, also testified about allegations of favoritism in the federal investigation of Hunter Biden.

They had previously accused Delaware US Attorney David Weiss, who led the probe, of being impeded from pursuing additional charges against Hunter Biden in both Southern California and Washington, DC.

Weiss has publicly maintained that he possessed “ultimate authority” in his investigation. However, in a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, he clarified that his charging authority was geographically limited to his home district.

Hunter Biden is scheduled to appear in a federal court hearing in Wilmington, Del., on July 26 to enter his plea.

Court documents reveal that he has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of willful failure to pay federal income taxes in 2017 and 2018.

Additionally, he will enter a pretrial diversion agreement for a felony charge of possessing a firearm while addicted to illicit drugs.

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