Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Democrats ‘Want President Trump Dead’ and He’ll Be ‘Murdered Somewhere in Jail’

by Jessica

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claimed that if Democrats get their way, former President Donald Trump will be “murdered in jail somewhere.”

Trump is currently on trial in New York, where he faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. He’s also under indictment in three other jurisdictions and has pleaded not guilty to all charges he faces.

On Monday, Greene spoke with Alex Jones on Infowars.

“We could lose this thing, ladies and gentlemen,” Jones said about the 2024 election. “And God forbid Trump doesn’t win. Can you imagine what they’re going to do.

They’ve said it. They’re literally going to come after the Trump supporters and the people who are seen as the opposition to the globalist plan. So, this is so serious for our republic.”

Greene replied that Trump is a mere mortal and is up against long odds to win the White House again. She accused Democrats of wanting Trump dead and said they aim to use “rigged” trials.

“He’s putting all he has into trying to win the election,” she said. “But you also gotta remember, he’s– at the same time he’s trying to run for president again, he’s having to put everything he has into defending himself against these rigged trials and this unbelievable perversion of our justice system. And the Democrats aren’t sorry about it. They aren’t gonna back off of what they are doing. They literally want him dead.”

“Bennie Thompson introduced a bill to take away his Secret Service protection,” she continued, referring to Rep. Bennie Thompson’s (D-MS) legislation that would strip such protection from convicted felons.

That’s how serious they are. They want President Trump dead. They want to lock him up in jail for the rest of his life, so that he dies in jail, and they want to take away his Secret Service protection so that he is murdered somewhere in jail, possibly. This is how serious they are.

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