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N.C. man arrested after his missing girlfriend’s body is found near cemetery

by Jessica

A man, aged 51, has been apprehended following the discovery of his girlfriend’s body behind a cemetery, more than a month after she was reported missing.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police reported that Allisha Watts, 39, was last seen on July 16 as she left a residence on Pamela Lorraine Drive, driving her black Mercedes GLC 300. Despite locating the vehicle two days later, her whereabouts remained unknown.

A criminal complaint, as revealed by WJZY-TV, indicates that Watts and her boyfriend, James Dunmore, had plans to attend a comedy show at Bojangles Coliseum on July 16. After that evening, Watts failed to appear at work.

She was reported missing on July 19. Strikingly, on July 18, authorities located Watts’ car in the Anson County DMV parking lot with Dunmore inside, appearing to be the victim of a suicide attempt.

On August 24, the Moore County Sheriff’s Office declared that Watts’ case had transitioned from a missing person inquiry to a homicide investigation. Concurrently, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office disclosed their belief that the remains of Allisha Watts had been located.

Subsequently, on August 25, Montgomery County investigators arrested Dunmore on suspicion of murder. He is being held without bail and is scheduled to appear in court on August 28.

According to WBTV-TV, officials posit that Dunmore allegedly committed the murder on July 16. Investigators uncovered Watts’ body behind the Norman Community Cemetery on Cemetery Road.

WJZY reports that Dunmore has a history of charges, including assault, battery, stalking, and abduction. He has previously served a sentence for a third offense of assault and battery, with a guilty plea for stalking in 2007.

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