Luna Sounds Alarm, Says Terrorist Attack on U.S. Soil ‘Very Likely’ Thanks to Biden Administration

by Jessica

The recent wave of violence in Israel, primarily instigated by Hamas, has raised global concerns about the possibility of similar acts of terrorism on U.S. soil.

According to The Western Journal on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, Republican Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna from Florida has raised concerns about the possibility of a terrorist attack on American soil.

She attributes this heightened risk to the border policies of the Biden administration. Luna believes that the current situation makes a terrorist attack in the United States “very likely.”

The conflict in Israel, particularly the devastating actions of Hamas, has captured the world’s attention.

Reports of people kidnapped, women subjected to violence, and even heinous acts against children have left many horrified.

The scale of violence and tragedy that unfolded in Israel serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of security lapses and unchecked extremism.

As the world watches the tragic events unfolding in Israel, the question inevitably arises: Could such a horrifying scenario unfold in the United States?

Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna believes it’s a real possibility.

In a recent interview with Fox News on “Primetime,” Luna expressed her deep concerns about the state of America’s southern border.

She raised the issue of cartels collaborating with terrorist organizations and highlighted the alarming reports of these activities.

“These cartels are indeed working, from different reports that we’re seeing, with these terrorist organizations,” Luna warned.

“The fact is that the likelihood of a terrorist attack here on U.S. territory, especially because so many people have slipped through our southern border, is very likely, and it’s concerning.”

Luna’s concerns reflect a growing unease among some lawmakers and national security experts who worry that the porous U.S.-Mexico border may be exploited by criminal organizations and potentially terrorists.

The unchecked flow of individuals across the border has become a cause for alarm.

The ongoing debate over border security and immigration policies continues to be a divisive and complex issue in American politics.

The Biden administration’s approach to border enforcement, as well as its handling of immigration and asylum-seeking, has faced both support and criticism.

The administration’s approach, which some describe as more lenient than that of the previous administration, has led to a significant increase in border crossings.

Advocates argue that it demonstrates a more compassionate and humane approach to immigration.

However, critics, including Congresswoman Luna, contend that this approach could create vulnerabilities that might be exploited by criminal organizations and terrorists.

Congresswoman Luna’s warning serves as a call to action for vigilance and a comprehensive approach to border security.

Her concerns raise important questions about the potential risks associated with an open border policy.

The ongoing struggle against terrorism and the ever-present threat of extremist groups demand a multifaceted approach to protecting the nation’s security.

Addressing the concerns raised by Luna requires the cooperation of law enforcement agencies and intelligence communities.

Vigilance at the border and the monitoring of potential threats are essential elements in preventing terrorist activities on U.S. soil.

National security agencies must work together to ensure that any vulnerabilities in border security are addressed promptly.

Collaboration with international partners to combat the global threat of terrorism is also critical.

Luna’s message should not be viewed as a call for inaction but rather as a reminder that national security is a shared responsibility.

Lawmakers play a vital role in shaping policies that balance compassion and security, seeking to protect the nation while maintaining its values.

A robust national security policy is essential to address concerns about potential terrorist threats.

Legislation and strategies aimed at enhancing border security, intelligence sharing, and counterterrorism efforts are vital components in safeguarding the nation.

The situation at the U.S.-Mexico border is undoubtedly complex, with no simple solutions. Balancing national security interests with humanitarian concerns presents a formidable challenge.

As the debate continues, it is crucial for lawmakers, experts, and officials to engage in constructive dialogue and seek common ground.

Finding the right approach to border security—one that ensures the safety of the nation without compromising its principles—is a complex yet essential task.

Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna’s warning about the likelihood of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil serves as a poignant reminder of the complex and pressing issues surrounding border security and immigration policies.

While the situation in Israel has shocked the world and highlighted the potential consequences of unchecked extremism, the United States must remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding its national security.

Balancing national security with humanitarian concerns is an ongoing challenge, and finding effective solutions requires cooperation, open dialogue, and thoughtful policies.

The safety of the nation and the preservation of its values are paramount, and addressing the issues raised by Luna is a shared responsibility that requires the collective effort of lawmakers, law enforcement agencies, and national security experts.


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