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“Lucy Dacus Responds to Inclusion of Boygenius Track in Barack Obama’s 2023 Summer Playlist, Addressing Past Criticisms”

by Jessica

When former President Barack Obama recently praised the musical group ‘Boygenius’ and included their track ‘Not Strong Enough’ in his 2023 summer playlist, it seemed like a moment of immense honor.

However, for Lucy Dacus, one of the talented members of Boygenius, the acknowledgment came with mixed emotions. The supergroup, comprised of Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julien Baker, received widespread acclaim for their inclusion in Obama’s playlist.

In an unexpected twist, Dacus took to Twitter to express her feelings, labeling the former president as a “war criminal :(“—a surprising and unexplained criticism.

While the reason behind her remark remains unclear, it is evident that Dacus is no stranger to sharing her political views.

As an accomplished American singer-songwriter and musician, Lucy Dacus has made her mark in the indie music scene with her introspective and emotive songwriting style.

Her debut album, ‘No Burden,’ released independently in 2016, garnered critical praise and attention. Later, signing with Matador Records, she released her sophomore album, ‘Historian,’ in 2018, further solidifying her presence as a notable artist.

Apart from her successful solo career, Dacus is an integral part of the indie rock supergroup ‘Boygenius,’ which also includes Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker.

The group’s self-titled EP was released in 2018, firmly establishing Dacus as one of the influential singer-songwriters of her generation.

Throughout her journey, Dacus has remained true to her authentic self and has openly expressed her political beliefs. She has shown support for Bernie Sanders and criticized Donald Trump as an “evil, bigoted man.”

The supergroup Boygenius has also used its platform to advocate for important causes, such as protesting anti-drag bills and advocating for transgender rights during their performances.

While Lucy Dacus’s reaction to Obama’s praise has raised eyebrows, there’s no denying the significance of Boygenius’s inclusion on the former president’s playlist, a testament to their musical talent and impact on the industry.


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