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Lowe’s Worker in Georgia Allegedly Assaulted and Fired for Trying to Foil $2,000 Theft by Thieves, Police Report

by Jessica

Lowe’s Employee Allegedly Assaulted by Shoplifters While Trying to Prevent $2,000 Theft

Authorities in Georgia report that on June 25, a Lowe’s employee, Donna Hansbrough, 68, attempted to thwart three shoplifters trying to escape the Rincon store with over $2,000 worth of unpaid merchandise.

According to local police, when Hansbrough tried to stop the thieves by grabbing their cart, one of the individuals identified as Takyah Berry, allegedly struck her in the face three times.

As a result of the assault, Hansbrough’s right eye swelled, and the surrounding skin turned black, prompting her to seek medical attention.

Despite her brave efforts, all three suspects, including Takyah Berry, her uncle Joseph Berry, and Jamar Lawton, managed to flee the store with the stolen goods. Lawton was eventually apprehended, but the two Berrys remain at large.

Tragically, Hansbrough’s dedication to preventing theft resulted in her termination from Lowe’s. The company reportedly cited a policy that prohibits employees from intervening in shoplifting incidents.

In her defense, Hansbrough shared her perspective with the Effingham Herald, expressing her frustration with witnessing items being stolen without consequences.

She admitted to grabbing the cart with the stolen items, even though she doesn’t recall the exact sequence of events during the incident.

Hansbrough expressed surprise at the severity of the consequences, hoping for a lesser punishment such as a reprimand or suspension. She shared her desire to find new employment, as she is now back on the job market.

Authorities are actively searching for Takyah and Joseph Berry and request anyone with information about their whereabouts to contact the Rincon Police Department at (912) 826-5200.

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