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Lincoln Project Posts Scathing, Hilarious Put Down Of ‘Ron DeSantis Slave Trade Trade School’

by Jessica
Ron DeSantis

The moment I anticipated has arrived. Last Friday, Ron DeSantis faced a significant backlash after making offensive remarks, mocking Kamala Harris, and even praising the benefits of slavery. It was only a matter of time before the Lincoln Project would take action.

There’s no denying that DeSantis’s political future is looking grim. He has been making a series of self-destructive moves, and this past week was the tipping point. His reputation is tarnished, and it’s unlikely he’ll be able to recover from this. More and more people are finding his behavior inexplicable, which is reflected in the decreasing attendance at his rallies.

DeSantis had attempted to present himself as a more polished version of Trump, but he lacks the charisma that appealed to MAGA supporters. On top of that, he has managed to create his own share of drama and controversies, further alienating potential voters.

It’s becoming evident that DeSantis won’t secure the nomination. His polls are on a steady decline, and the reason is clear: he’s losing favor with the public. It remains uncertain who will ultimately receive the nomination, but one thing is certain – DeSantis’s chances are rapidly diminishing, and his actions have left a lot to be desired.

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