Life Sentence for Man Behind Deadly 2018 Spa Bombing That Killed Ex-Girlfriend Convicted on Federal Charges

by Jessica

A 64-year-old man, Stephen Beal, has been sentenced to life in federal prison for orchestrating a deadly bombing at a day spa in 2018. The explosion resulted in the tragic death of his ex-girlfriend, Ildiko Krajnyak, and caused severe damage to a commercial office building. Beal faced multiple charges, including the use of a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death and malicious destruction of a building resulting in death.

In addition to the life sentence, Beal received 30 years for the use of a destructive device during a crime of violence and 10 years for possession of an unregistered destructive device. The conviction was secured by a jury in July 2023 after a four-week trial.

The bombing took place at Magyar Kozmetika, a spa owned by Krajnyak. Beal left a package bomb that Krajnyak opened, resulting in her immediate death. Two spa clients, a mother and her daughter, suffered severe injuries, including burns and the loss of an eye.

During the trial, a surviving victim testified, recounting the moments before the explosion and the subsequent escape through a blown-out wall. Law enforcement discovered over 130 pounds of explosive precursor chemicals, bomb mixtures, electric matches, and wires at Beal’s home during the investigation.

Evidence showed Beal’s extensive experience in creating explosive devices, with the FBI finding matching components at the crime scene and his residence. Surveillance footage revealed Beal purchasing items used in the bombing days before the incident.

Prosecutors argued that Beal’s relationship with Krajnyak turned obsessive after she tried to distance herself from him. Beal allegedly kept tabs on her activities through online monitoring and social media. Having a key to the day spa, he entered the establishment multiple times before leaving the deadly package for Krajnyak.

Testimonies from Krajnyak’s family and associates portrayed Beal as controlling and possessive, raising concerns for her safety. United States District Judge Josephine Staton characterized the crime as “cold and calculated.”

In a separate case, Beal faces charges related to failing to disclose a $350,000 inheritance during a bankruptcy proceeding. He also fraudulently collected insurance and social security payments, resulting in $1.3 million in disability payments. Beal pleaded guilty to wire fraud, Social Security fraud, and concealment of bankruptcy assets in November 2023, with sentencing scheduled for February 23. Another court appearance on April 12 will determine restitution for the victims.

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