Leonardo DiCaprio Was Furious With Mark Wahlberg

by Jessica

Celebrity actors Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio have a longstanding and enduring friendship, which they recently showcased through a throwback video from the set of the 1994 film,

The Basketball Diaries. In the film, they both delivered powerful performances, depicting the harsh reality of drug addiction.

Off-camera, their bond was also evident when a news crew caught them engaging in friendly banter, revealing the genuine connection they have shared since their early days. However, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the duo.

In an interview last year, Mark Wahlberg candidly discussed the bumps they faced before embarking on the filming adventure.

Despite their initial differences, Wahlberg was determined to put the past feud with DiCaprio to rest once and for all. When approached by Extra and asked if he would collaborate with the Titanic star again, Wahlberg confirmed, “Yeah, we’ve talked about it.”

According to Wahlberg, the clash between them wasn’t merely a clash of opinions. Both actors held specific perceptions of each other.

Wahlberg, known for his bold and eccentric persona as a rapper, found himself taking on a serious film role with a weighty character.

It was a pivotal moment when they finally auditioned together and realized their shared chemistry. They became fast friends, going out together that very night.

The late Scott Kalvert, the director of The Basketball Diaries, had prior experience working with Wahlberg on music videos and believed in his ability to excel in the part.

During the LEAP Foundation conference at UCLA, Mark Wahlberg openly addressed their tumultuous history, acknowledging that DiCaprio initially did not want him for the role, and he, in turn, had reservations about DiCaprio’s suitability for the part.

However, through mutual respect and understanding, they learned to appreciate each other’s talents, and their friendship blossomed as a result.

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