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Legal Drama: Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Under Scrutiny As Judge Demands THIS

by Jessica
Hunter Biden
Delaware Judge Maryellen Noreika has given Hunter Biden’s attorneys a deadline to explain their actions after allegedly misleading the court clerk.
The accusation involves an attempt to remove IRS whistleblowers’ testimony about the Justice Department’s handling of Hunter Biden’s tax offenses from the case docket.
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith has also filed a brief urging the judge to reconsider Hunter’s plea deal with Delaware prosecutors, citing concerns about preferential treatment.
The situation escalated when someone, purportedly from Hunter’s attorney’s former law firm, falsely posed as Smith’s attorney and had 448 pages of Congressional testimony removed and sealed. Kittila, representing Smith, quickly lodged a second letter expressing outrage to the judge.
Startling accusations have emerged, suggesting that Hunter’s team engaged in deceptive tactics, posing as Theodore Kittila, the attorney representing House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith. The alleged impersonation was brought to light, leading Kittila to swiftly respond with a second letter expressing outrage to the judge.
‘We promptly contacted the clerk’s office, and we were advised that someone contacted the court representing that they worked with my office and that they were asking the court to remove this from the docket,’ Kittila wrote to the judge.
‘We immediately advised that this was inaccurate.’
Amidst a heated email exchange between Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Chris Clark, and Kittila, accusations of impropriety surface. Clark vehemently denies any wrongdoing, asserting that the clerk voluntarily removed the filing. However, the top Republican’s lawyer counters with evidence, presenting an email from the Delaware clerk supporting the claims of manipulation.”
‘The woman who called was a Jessica Bengels,’ he wrote adding her phone number.
‘She said she worked with Theodore Kittila and it was important the document was removed immediately,’ the clerk, Sam Grimes, wrote to Kittila.
According to an email from Grimes, Jessica Bengels, the litigation services director at New York-based Latham & Watkins, is accused of being the alleged trickster. Bengels, who has been with the firm since 2006 and currently holds the position of ‘litigation services counsel’ since January 2023, is under scrutiny for her involvement.
Interestingly, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Chris Clark, was also associated with Latham & Watkins until April of this year.
‘Your attempts to publicly file my client’s personal financial information with no protections are improper, illegal and in violation of applicable rules,’ Clark wrote to Kittila. ‘I stand by all of my statements.’
Delaware Judge Maryellen Noreika displayed her dissatisfaction with the situation, issuing an order on Tuesday afternoon. The order demands that Hunter Biden’s lawyers promptly provide justification for the alleged dirty trick, allowing them only a few hours to do so.”
‘It appears that the caller misrepresented her identity and who she worked for in an attempt to improperly convince the clerk’s office to remove the amicus materials from the docket,’ the order said.
‘Therefore, it is hereby ordered that, on or before 9pm today on July 25, 2023, counsel for defendant shall show cause as to why sanctions should not be considered for misrepresentations to the court.’

Judge Noreika has taken action by placing a temporary seal on Chairman Smith’s filing. As a result, the contents of the filing will not be made public until after Hunter Biden’s upcoming plea hearing scheduled for Wednesday.”

Mike Howell, director of the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, expressed his astonishment at the recent developments in the courtroom saga. He described the alleged actions of Clark’s firm as “crazy” and suggested they “reek of desperation.

‘Something crazy is happening right now in the Hunter Biden case,’ he said. ‘The judge ordered the sealing of transcripts that have been publicly available on the House website for over a month and which a House Committee voted to release in compliance with applicable rules.

‘The courageous whistleblowers did the right thing in the right way – they provided sworn testimony protected under U.S. law.

‘If anyone lied to the court, they need to be punished. Otherwise, we can only expect the same behavior in the future. It is unbelievable that we are dealing with these 11th-hour procedural shenanigans that reek of desperation.
‘Heritage Oversight will be there in person to observe these proceedings on behalf of the American people,’ Howell vowed.
In a noteworthy departure from the norm for high-powered lawyers, including interactions with, Clark’s responses have been known to exhibit unusual methods.
For instance, when contacted for comment about a story regarding Joe Biden’s meetings with Chinese energy executives and associates of Hunter Biden, Clark’s response in August last year was described as near-unintelligible, arriving shortly after 9 pm on the same evening.”
‘Please quote me,’ he wrote. ‘Josh you are a parasite who lives of other peoples difficulties. Your parents won’t mount you.

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