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Devastating Blow To Trump – Lawmaker Reveals What Should Terrify Him The Most In Criminal Indictment

by Jessica

According to Huffpost on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, Donald Trump is facing a serious threat from Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis and the racketeering case she has built against him, according to Georgia state Rep. Tanya Miller.

Speaking on MSNBC, Miller warned Trump that he should be worried about facing Willis in court.

“Of all the indictments Trump faces, coming to Fulton County and facing Fani Willis in a courtroom ought to scare him,” Miller stated bluntly.

She said Willis is one of the “most straight-shooting, straight-arrow prosecutors” she’s ever seen, calling her “fearless” and “fierce.”

The racketeering case accuses Trump and 18 associates of pressuring officials to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

But while Trump has responded with ugly, racist attacks on Willis, Miller said that tactic won’t work here.

“She is about to mess around and find out exactly who Fani Taifa Willis is,” Miller said. She predicted Willis won’t be intimidated by Trump’s typical bullying.

“In fact, all he will do if he attempts to do that is embolden her to be stronger and more steadfast,” Miller stated.

According to Miller, when Willis stands before the citizens of Fulton County and lays out her case, everyone will see she is determined to follow through.

Miller portrayed Willis as a principled prosecutor who will stay laser-focused on the facts and the law, not Trump’s bombastic rhetoric.

Miller’s stark warning indicates Trump and his legal team may have underestimated the resolve of Willis and her team.

While Trump has escaped accountability many times before, he now faces a prosecutor who seems impervious to his pressure tactics.

For once, Trump may face a court case where the facts matter more than his reality distortion field.

If Miller is right, Trump’s legal troubles in Georgia just got more serious.

Willis already secured the racketeering indictments with limited cooperation from Trump allies.

Now, with Miller raising expectations, all eyes will be on Willis to deliver justice when the case goes to trial.

For Trump, the road ahead in Georgia looks bumpier than ever.

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