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Las Vegas man accused of shooting girlfriend a dozen times and keeping body in his home

by Jessica

LAS VEGAS (TCD) — A 50-year-old man was apprehended by authorities last week in connection with the alleged shooting and subsequent death of his girlfriend. Reportedly, he cohabitated with her deceased body for a number of days.

On Monday, August 14th, at 2:30 p.m., officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded to a call regarding an injured individual at a residence on the 1600 block of Golden Arrow Drive.

Upon arrival, they discovered a deceased female victim inside the dwelling, alongside her boyfriend, identified as James Gina III. Law enforcement identified Gina as the prime suspect and took him into custody on a murder charge involving the use of a deadly weapon.

As detailed in the police report referenced by KLAS-TV, the incident came to light when a man entered a police command center, expressing concerns that his safety would be jeopardized if his presence at the station became known.

Allegedly, this individual informed authorities that he had been present during a confrontation between Gina and the victim, Celina Rebholz.

The altercation, which reportedly took place on August 12th, escalated as Rebholz made inflammatory accusations against Gina, including labeling him as a pedophile.

In response, Gina allegedly issued threats to shoot her. Gina’s mother intervened to halt the dispute, but he purportedly warned that he would also resort to violence against her unless she withdrew.

The witness and Gina’s mother reportedly engaged in gambling for a span of approximately three hours. Upon returning, they found Gina to be highly agitated.

According to the man’s account, he discovered Rebholz lying on the bedroom floor with a gunshot wound to her chest. Despite Rebholz being alive and emitting distressing sounds, Gina allegedly refrained from calling for medical assistance.

Subsequently, the witness turned to the police but conveyed to Gina that he was at a loss regarding how to handle the situation. Gina then allegedly messaged the witness, informing him of Rebholz’s demise.

KLAS reports that the witness deleted this message to avoid any trace of connection to the murder on his phone.

Reportedly, Gina placed Rebholz’s body in the attic and sought assistance from the witness to accompany him and his mother to the airport for the purpose of renting a vehicle.

Allegedly, Gina noted that the body was starting to emit a foul odor, dissuading him from relocating it in his own car.

Upon police investigation on August 12th, Rebholz’s lifeless body was found in Gina’s bedroom, concealed beneath a blanket.

As disclosed by KLAS, the victim had sustained 12 gunshot wounds.

Gina’s mother, however, allegedly conveyed to law enforcement that her son was handling his firearm when it accidentally discharged, striking Rebholz. Records from Clark County Jail indicate that Gina is currently held without bail.

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