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Kody Brown wants to ‘spend some time hating’ his ex-wife Christine following their split

by Jessica

Sister Wives personality Kody Brown seems intent on dwelling in his emotional turmoil a while longer following Christine Brown’s decision to part ways with him.

Nearly two years have passed since Christine’s departure, marking the end of a nearly three-decade-long plural marriage.

Experiencing dissatisfaction with the perception that her opinions held no weight and disliking the dynamic of sharing Kody with three other wives, Christine chose to exit their plural marriage.

After shutting Kody out of her bedroom and packing up his belongings in her garage, Christine made a family announcement about her intent to move forward with her life, taking her daughter Truly and relocating to Utah.

Kody’s response to Christine’s bold move is riddled with a range of emotions, with anger seemingly at the forefront. In fact, during the 18th season premiere of Sister Wives, Kody candidly expressed his feelings about Christine’s departure, revealing his emotional vulnerability.

Drawing a comparison between the aftermath of Christine’s exit and a “civil war,” Kody shared his reluctance to mend fences with Christine in the immediate aftermath of their split. He admitted that he’s not yet prepared to put on a facade of congeniality or reconciliation.

Kody’s sentiments reflect more than just his personal struggles with Christine; his ongoing marital challenges with Janelle and Meri are also taking a significant toll on him.

Acknowledging the heavy emotional burden he’s carrying due to his divorces from Christine, Janelle, and Meri, Kody opened up about his difficulties during the first episode of the season.

He admitted that he hasn’t experienced a relationship resembling a marriage for nearly seven to eight years, underscoring the tumultuous nature of his recent history.

Amidst his three marriages falling apart, Kody’s role as a divorcé in each instance has reshaped his perspective. The first divorce occurred in 2021 when Christine departed, followed by Janelle’s departure from their plural marriage in 2022, and finally, Meri’s separation from Kody was confirmed in 2023.

Despite his previous aspirations of nurturing a lifelong bond with multiple wives, Kody now finds himself essentially in a monogamous position.

Together with his remaining wife, Robyn Brown, they navigate the aftermath of his three broken marriages, striving to piece together their lives.

In an earlier statement to PEOPLE, Kody’s last-standing wife, Robyn Brown, candidly revealed the challenges of living through Kody’s three divorces, characterizing the experience as “hell.”

In light of these circumstances, both Kody and Robyn appear to be grappling with the complex aftermath of multiple divorces and the emotional turbulence that comes with them.


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