‘The Daily Show’ Had The Best Reaction To Kevin McCarthy Getting Taken Down By Matt Gaetz

by Jessica
Kevin McCarthy

On Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy’s stint as Speaker of the House ended as it began: in abject humiliation. After less than 10 months on the job, a vote to oust him, brought on by his mortal enemy Matt Gaetz, ended in triumph.

House Democrats sided with a slim cabal of MAGA hardliners, bringing the final vote to 216 versus 210. What happens next is anybody’s guess. But for now, a lot of people, including Democrats, aren’t exactly verklempt.

McCarthy made dubious history: He’s the first Speaker to ever be removed in the 234 years the House of Representatives has existed.

There was another record McCarthy broke: He had the shortest Speaker stint since Michael C. Kerr, who served from December 1976 through August 1876, when he died of TB.

The historic moment was sealed by now-acting House Speaker Patrick McHenry, who sent McCarthy off with a very angry slamming of the gavel.

Perhaps it wasn’t wise for McCarthy to trash Democrats on Face the Nation Sunday, shortly after they helped him avert a government shutdown.

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