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Kim Kardashian Reportedly ‘Worried’ About Kanye West Amid Indecent Exposure Scandal In Italy

by Jessica

Censori has faced significant backlash for her choice of highly revealing attire during her outings in Italy. The Australian architect has garnered criticism for donning a series of skintight bodysuits and catsuits that many social media users deem too provocative for a traditionally conservative Catholic nation like Italy.

Among Censori’s daring ensembles is a nude catsuit that left her bare breasts exposed. In response, she had to utilize a black cross-body bag to conceal her nipples.

During a dinner engagement with West, Censori opted for a tan bra top and a low-rise white skirt that revealed portions of her underboob and upper buttocks.

On various social media platforms, numerous local Italians have expressed the sentiment that Censori’s actions warrant arrest for “public indecency.”

In Italy, this offense carries substantial penalties, including fines ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 euros or imprisonment spanning from four months to four years.

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