Good News For Trump As Judge Makes Crucial Decision In E. Jean Carroll Legal Battle

by Jessica

On Wednesday, March 13, 2024, NBC News reported that a federal judge has given the green light to former President Donald Trump’s $91.63 million bond in the ongoing legal clash with E. Jean Carroll, offering him a reprieve from the substantial judgment levied against him.

The decision, handed down on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, acts as a shield for Trump against the immediate enforcement of the hefty defamation damages while he pursues an appeal.

This latest ruling comes in the wake of a jury’s decision in January, which mandated Trump to pay Carroll an astounding $83.3 million in defamation damages.

This marked the second legal setback for Trump in his dealings with Carroll, who had previously secured a $5 million award in damages after a separate ruling in May, where Trump was found liable for both sexual abuse and defamation.

In response to the recent defamation judgment, Trump’s legal team promptly signaled their intention to challenge it, submitting a notice of appeal earlier this month.

The process of securing the substantial bond, however, was not without its intricacies. Initially seeking a reduction in the bond amount and requesting additional time for procurement, Trump’s attorneys eventually succeeded in securing the full bond amount, as confirmed in a filing last week.

Carroll, upon learning of the approved bond, expressed her satisfaction, deeming it a “stupendous amount” in a Substack post earlier this month.

The bond, sourced from Federal Insurance Co., plays a pivotal role as a strategic legal maneuver for Trump, providing him with breathing room amidst the mounting legal challenges he faces.

Per the court’s directive, Trump now has a grace period of five days to file a copy of the approved bond with the court clerk for the Southern District of New York.

During this time, the enforcement of the jury’s verdict will be temporarily suspended, awaiting the outcome of Trump’s appeal before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

However, Trump’s legal entanglements do not end there, as he and his company confront yet another financial setback in the form of a staggering $464 million judgment in a New York civil fraud case.

Trump’s decision to appeal this judgment underscores the gravity of the multifaceted legal battles he is currently embroiled in, highlighting the complex and challenging landscape he faces on various legal fronts.

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